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Managing Big Data in The Cloud


Big data-ready

Use flexible, cloud-based architecture for big data.
Purpose Built

Purpose-built cloud storage platform

Manage millions of objects per day and efficiently store and protect data at petabyte scale.
Globally distributed

Globally distributed

Scale effortlessly across multiple locations to accommodate today’s expanding storage demands.

Intelligent data management

Manage and protect your data—not your storage—throughout its lifecycle with inherent data management and multitenant capabilities.


Deliver cloud storage environments that serve hundreds of thousands of web-scale applications simultaneously through a simple management API.


  • EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform
    Learn about a complete, turnkey cloud storage services platform that gives more resources and control to consumers and more information to providers.
  • EMC Atmos Virtual Edition
    Leverage multitenant, globally accessible cloud storage on nearly any hardware with EMC virtualized cloud storage software.
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