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Information technology (IT) has the potential to transform nearly every segment of the world’s economy. By providing opportunities to people around the world and creating solutions to tackle challenges in ways never before imagined, IT contributes to the greater good by catalyzing advancements across sectors and industries.

At EMC, we are developing cloud computing and Big Data technologies that help address today’s unprecedented environmental and social challenges. From contributing to more effective healthcare systems to helping customers reduce resource use and manage climate change impacts, we are leveraging these technologies to create a more sustainable world by uncovering new sources of knowledge, facilitating previously unforeseen methods of collaboration, and delivering technological efficiencies. To learn more, visit Health & Wealth Benefits, Material & Resource Use, and Energy Use & Climate Change.

We believe that harnessing the power of IT will shape the future of business, shift paradigms, and transform our world for the better.


Cloud Computing is changing the way information is built, stored and consumed. Data centers now are transformed into dynamic, virtualized infrastructure that delivers IT in a more agile and cost-efficient way, while maintaining reliability and security.

In a traditional data center, applications are provisioned to the maximum amount of storage they could potentially require—not to the amount of storage they actually require at the present time. The agile nature of the Cloud reduces the need for such “over-provisioning”. Cloud Computing enables more efficient use of IT assets by consolidating hardware resources and reducing energy consumption. The Cloud also creates a more resilient platform for delivering IT, which helps ensure business continuity in the face of physical, weather, or social disruption.

Cloud infrastructure continues to evolve, but represents a fundamental shift that, over time, will be as impactful as the adoption of personal computers was a generation ago.


The rapid increase of digital information has spawned the Big Data revolution, uncovering opportunities to analyze massive volumes of information and glean insights that drive business and societal change.

Big Data consolidates information from disparate sources to create innovative solutions to some of business and society’s most pressing challenges. Our Big Data solutions enable organizations to realize value from all data sources and gain efficiencies, agility, and busi¬ness breakthroughs. Today, organizations leverage Big Data to discover new medicines, isolate and prevent diseases, identify business trends, improve disaster response, unite children from around the world, and alter how we work and play.

The rise of Big Data has led to the emergence of a new role—the data scientist. Data scientists analyze and interpret data to extract meaningful insights, then explore their potential to change business and society in unprecedented ways. EMC recognizes and celebrates this role in the Big Data era through our Data Scientist Summit, which provides opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing among this new type of scientist.

Case Study: How Big Data Improves Efficiency in Healthcare

Big Data helped Jeffrey Brenner, founder of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, understand how funds are being spent on healthcare and to find ways to improve the efficiency of the healthcare system. By analyzing patterns in records from 600,000 hospital visits, Brenner and his team discovered that one percent of patients accounted for 30 percent of hospital bills, due to repeat visits. To help improve the health and financial outcomes of these patients, the coalition educated hospital caseworkers and trained them to coach patients on the importance of medication adherence.

Case study: Government Cloud Meets Big Data to Enable Transformation with Gloud4Gov

In 2012, EMC’s COE in Cork partnered with Cisco, VMware, VCE, and the Irish Government of Ireland to create Cloud4Gov, a public-private partnership aimed at bringing cloud computing solutions to the public sector while driving the country’s economic growth. Cloud4Gov is building two cloud innovation centers—one hosted by EMC and another by government networks—to enable small-to-medium sized IT companies to develop and test new applications and services for government. By providing affordable access to small IT companies, Cloud4Gov promotes entrepreneurship and stimulates economic growth, while also providing the government enhanced access to cloud-based solutions.

Data Science Summit

In 2012, EMC hosted its second annual Data Scientist Summit, convening thought leaders from academia, social enterprises, industry start-ups, and the public sector to explore and define their paths forward in a new, data-driven world. The Summit offers future data scientists a forum to exchange ideas, explore new perspectives, challenge current data theories, and learn about tools, education, and resources needed to succeed.

Human Face of Big Data

Big Data is enabling humanity to measure, understand, and address many of the world’s biggest challenges in previously unimaginable ways. In 2012, EMC collaborated with industry and global crowdsourcing expert, Against All Odds Productions, on the “Human Face of Big Data”—the world’s most comprehensive initiative to date that demonstrates the societal impact of Big Data now, and in the future. Through a book filled with hundreds of stories from around the globe, an interactive iPad app, and engagement activities, the project reveals how our planet is developing a “central nervous system” that data experts believe will be even more transformational than the Internet. By showcasing the power and impacts of Big Data, EMC aims to raise awareness of future possibilities and inspire the next generation of Big Data scientists. To learn more about one of the projects featured in the initiative, visit the “How Big Data Improves Efficiency in Healthcare” case study.

As part of the initiative, we partnered with TedYouth to develop “Data Detectives,” a global, web-based program that teaches students in grades 6-12 about Big Data and the role it will play in their lives and the world in the future. To learn more about EMC’s other education initiatives, visit Education Partnerships.

“Our goal is to help people better understand, visualize, and navigate the wild and uncharted territory of Big Data, a topic that is going to completely transform the world our children will inherit. It’s already enabling our kids to live healthier and happier lives; providing our seniors with independence while keeping them safe; helping us conserve our precious resources like water and energy; and allowing us to peer into our own individual genetic makeup. All this and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.” - Rick Smolan, President and CEO, Against All Odds Productions and Producer of the Human Face of Data Project

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